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Qwentyn's Story



Qwentyn J'dyn Hunter was born June 3, 2007 to Caselle and Tashara Hunter. He was one of many angels God blessed to the Hunter family.   


Qwentyn was truly a ray of sunshine; even as a baby he was never clingy or fussy. As a toddler, Qwentyn had a very strong-minded personality and already had his list of favorites. His favorite color was green, he loved playing video games, and his favorite meal was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Qwentyn loved to laugh and was quite the jokester. He was very protective, kind-hearted, generous, and bubbly towards everyone. Qwentyn's smile would light up any room and yes, we can't forget he had a special gift of wiggling his ears. 


On October 13, 2013 tragedy hit our family while we were on vacation. We loss our ray of sunshine to an accidental drowning. This type of tragedy, no parent should ever have to endure. Qwentyn's story has touched lives, not only in his community but all over the world. Though he only had six short years on this earth, his legacy will continue through The Qwentyn Hunter Luv Foundation, Inc. His death birthed a ministry of education and support for families in our community and beyond. We will encourage all children to learn to swim and respect the water. We will teach our parents how to save lives and understand the importance of water safety. 

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